Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monday Meme on Thursday!

Getting back to Berry's memes..... this week it's to write a Haiku about my SL.  They go like this: 17 syllables total with lines 5,7,5.  Ok, so I can't say I've ever written one before, or maybe back in grade school, but here we go.. mine is quite boring if I don't TRY to be ornery about it all.

Kara runs a lot
Finding places and cool things
Having fun with friends
(Yeah I know, very easy and boring, but it fit perfectly, so I won't try to get all clever about)
Then my mind drifted off to some fun limericks that have always tickled me:
She frowned and called him Mr.
       Because he fondly kr.
         And so in spite
         That very night
             That Mr.
(I can't remember who wrote that one, prob could google it)
And then one of my fav party pics:  
"Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker."
(That's by Ogden Nash)  
And if anyone wants to write me some gushy poetry bring it on..... that's always lovely to receive. Just saying.

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