Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Second Annual I Do Wedding Expo Begins Today May 23, 2013

Visit here:

The Second Annual "I Do" Wedding Expo in Second Life begins today!  I'm excited because our amazing "Once Upon A Fairy Tale" wedding and events sim is hosting a booth at the expo, complete with gorgeous hunt item, and an impressive display.  (for which I can take no credit as I am not a builder, but I can pretend to be a part of since I'm part of the sim-Kudos to Perky Buttons, Emma Portilo and Greg Parker.)  Anyway, please visit and check out our booth. I think we are number 40 in the hunt that is associated. 
Once upon a fariy tale wedding expo_002 by Kara 2

The event opens May 23rd at 7pm SLT  with performance by Taunter Goodnight, then runs 2 weeks through June 8th.   The full event calendar and more information is listed on the official web site here:

Visit our booth here:

The web site states "One way we have implemented this is through The I Do Wedding Expo. It is a 2 week event with the top wedding professionals showcasing their services and products along with live entertainment, tribute bands, and SL DJ’s. This year we are proud to be bring back A Night of Flirtation – an exciting night of meeting new people through speed dating. In conjunction with the Expo, we will be having the I Do Wedding Expo Wide Hunt with gifts created for couples looking to tie the knot." 

OMG, I get to see pretty stuff and flirt!  Yay... come join me : )

Once upon a fariy tale wedding expo_005 by Kara 2

And if you are wondering how our new wedding and events sim is going, come and visit and find out.  We have been having a lot of fun with weddings, bachelorette parties, the Trap club which is regularly staffed with entertainment on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10 pm SLT (come on out tonight and party with us!) and many other special public events to come. Contact us to book your private events too on this full service sim.  It's an amazing place! Located here:

Once upon a fariy tale wedding expo_006 by Kara 2

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