Monday, May 13, 2013

A Beautiful and Intriguing Wedding Saga

Visit Once Upon A Fairy Tale:

Kate and Bang's big wedding day went off beautifully!  But....... there were a few twists and turns getting there.  Emma Portilo of Once Upon A Fairy Tale lays out the saga in story format for all to enjoy here:

The Wedding of Kate & Bang Wierwight by Emma Portilo

(All photos courtesy of Emma Portilo as I was at a RL graduation and unfortunately was not in on the excitement)
Kate's Wedding by Kara 2

Here is an excerpt and some pics Emma provided: "
Congratulations to the newlyweds, Kate & Bang, who were married today at Once Upon A Fairy Tale at the beautiful tropical beach venue.

Telling the story of their celebration of love…."
......"The bride and her bridesmaids heard a sound as they awaited the moment, and decided to investigate.........."

Follow the link to find out what happened.

Tropical Venue Reception by Emma Portilo
The Wedding of Kate & Bang Wierwight by Emma Portilo

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