Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reality, merely an illusion..

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Snapshot_009 by Kara 2

Today, which really means yesterday since I'm still up for the night but it's a new day, a new sim, Reality, merely an illusion, in Flocke, opened up to the public. I have it on good authority, from my friend Peter Jackson, that this sim will continue to change and evolve over time, or at least that is the plan.  Creator Joanna Corith,  who also put together, Annwn Willow, that I previously blogged as a great nature sim explore along with creator Pale Illusion, are at it again with yet this new place for us to hang out, explore, and take pictures.  It's really gorgeous, go have a look!

Snapshot_008 by Kara 2

kathy cheer 5-22-13_019 by Kara 2

Snapshot_009 by Kara 2

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