Thursday, May 9, 2013

New World Enlightenment, Masters of the Singularity

Visit here:

So I visited this wild place and had to share.  check it out at the above link which might take you right in the middle of it all.  And by "It all"  I mean a bizarre, almost maze like, area of various rooms or places that make for a great explore, photo ops, and some fun freebie finds. The giant ant in the tunnels can grab you if you are not careful or you could get stuck in an area  (well if you forget to tp back to start)  You really have to be a good explorer to find some of the passages to progress and other times you might just fall through some invisible hole in a floor or something. I was confused when I walked out into an upside down area and couldn't get my camera to right things for me until I found the hidden door to move on to another area.  Then when I was done I was dropped to a ground level to find a large fun spot with various games, activities and things to play on that was also super fun. Good luck!
( Maybe some pics will show some of the excitement: )
explore 5-9-13 by Kara 2

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  1. Yep, that was us. Working very hard to get it all back. Much of what the Masters of the Singularity/New World Enlightenment is doing now is in Elmaer to the north of Glinda. We are also hoping to incorporate the newer neighbors in Glinda back into what we are doing. Also we are about to write a good blog about our battle born daughter, Annie of Fractal Psy (fractalpsyannie resident), and all she is doing to help restore what was lost in the past 2-3 years. It's gonna get wayyy awesome!