Thursday, May 9, 2013

LuvSong Writer at The Trap Club 5-2-13

Luvsong Writer at The Trap Club  5-2-13 by Kara 2

Luvsong Writer at The Trap Club 5-2-13, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

The Trap Club has been open a few weeks now and we've been having a blast with regulars such as DJ Calix drawing crowds with some of the hottest house mixes in SL on Thursday evening from 8-10 pm SLT to various live musicians such as Alex Mays, Lindimoo, and Starrfish Ohmai, DJs Thunder, David and Izzy and one of SL's hottest rising stars, LuvSong Writer, AKA: Hamilton Marshall in RL, who stopped in last Thursday and offered to sing a few songs much to our enjoyment!  This week he was featured in the SL Enquirer and there is an exclusive interview there, so I'll just direct readers for more details here:  A lot has been happening over at The Trap club and lounge in a short time.  The club is staffed Tuesday and Thursday evening, Tues. for regular jazz, blues and classic rock 8-10pm SLT and house mixes 8-10 pm SLT on Thursdays with some live music on occasion.  Soon we will have additional events and entertainment hours so stay tuned.  Club goers have enjoyed seeing themselves on the giant video wall, wallowing in a dancefloor sea of  throbbing foam, and riding the 10 passenger motorcycle among other fun things at that trap.  During quieter times there is a greedy table, a avatar pinable giant AFK board, or a fun photo booth.  Friends tend to drop in off and on any time to stir up something.  While visiting be sure to check out the Once Upon A Fairy Tale wedding and events sim.  The place is gorgeous and ready for any event.  There is also shopping with some exclusives to the sim.  Once Upon A Fairy Tale is looking forward to hosting it's first big wedding this weekend for Kate and Bang.   Check it all out some time.

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