Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Few of My Fav "Gacha" Things

See here:

My good friend Kathy Nikolaidis started up this new blog and it's basically about all things Gacha, since she does happen to be Gacha Queen.  This will be fun to follow since she's sorta got me hooked on Gachas too now.  An added benefit of Gacha's besides being cheap, fun, usually very interesting and high quality is that you can also gift them, trade or resell since they are very popular these days. She's calling her web sight "A Few of My Fav 'Gacha' Things" but personally I think it's going to be A LOT of her Fav Gacha Things, because she does go to and have a lot of Gacha.   I took a snip pic from her blog face so you can get an idea but do check it out if you like Gachas. 

Kathy's Gach Blog Screen Shot

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