Saturday, October 24, 2015

Live Music Saturday with Whispering Sands Live Promotions

Whispering Sands Live Promotions Web Site:
If you go to their office in SL you can subscribe in the fans group by clicking on their big sign, then you too will get a note with daily events and the direct landmarks to just click and go.  They don't add a ton of words to get in the way of getting to your entertainment, just the artist, location, and lm on these helpfull notes, so you can find that here:

I'd like to take a moment/post to mention that while I love to attend live music events in SL, there are so many and it's sometimes difficult to determine exactly how to get to them even if using the live music search and SL events calendar.  Whispering Sands Live Promotions has the most organized group I have ever seen in SL Live Music.  They make it so easy for me that I've found myself promoting them too so that my friends can enjoy this ease of access in finding some of the best SL musicians.  It's also a good resource for independent musicians, fans, and even those under other mgt as they feature various services and promotions as well as information.  I am in their subscribo and as an example, they sent out this note today with the day's lineup of their events.  It has each listed with a direct link.  I can't add the links here unless I turn them into SLurls and that would be a lot of work for me to do and I'm lazy, but if you get their notes by subscribing they have the quick click lm right on it.  Also you can visit their very well organized and managed web site and look under events and you will have all the info. right there for a link in to the shows.  They even have options and thing  for fans.  So be sure to check them out.  And now here is their lineup for today:

                            Saturday, October 24th

12:00 pm: AriangelS at Acherusia Kingdom
12:00 pm: TerryLynn Melody at Prim Economy
2:00 pm: Vince Ruissatel at Say The Word
2:00 pm: PrettyBelle at The Live Cafe
2:00 pm: Quartz at Lar’s
3:00 pm: Keeba Tammas at The Refuge
4:00 pm: Parker Static at Jesterwood Bowl
4:00 pm: Greg Kat at Bourbon Street
4:00 pm: Dominoe Effect at Love Kats II
5:00 pm: Annette Wildrose at 1st Chapter Plaza
5:00 pm: Minsy at Strides Against Breast Cancer Event
5:00 pm: Vince Ruissatel at Club Zydeco
5:00 pm: AMForte at Bourbon Street
6:00 pm: Lark Bowen at Crash Club
6:00 pm: Bandit Eddingham at Acoustic Cave
6:00 pm: Keeba Tammas at VooDoo Lounge
7:00 pm: Greg Kat at Club Zydeco
7:00 pm: AMForte at Oakshire’s
7:00 pm: Parker Static at Godfather’s
7:00 pm: Toxie at Crash Club
8:00 pm: PrettyBelle at Club Zydeco
8:00 pm: Lee Winegarden at VooDoo Lounge
9:00 pm: Toxie at VooDoo Beach
10:00 pm: Parker Static at Daddy’s Babygirl Paradise

And here is their current artist list mgd by WSLP

Whispering Sands Live is a full service entertainment agency helping clients book live music events throughout SL. For more information, or to book one of these top-notch musicians, please contact Jorr Jarman 􀀍, Callie Capliano 􀀑 or Winter Fleur 􀀐.
AMForte Clarity
 Annette Wildrose
 Lark Bowen
Lee Winegarden
Nathan Price
Stickle Back
 TerryLynn Melody
Toxie /Toxic Darkmatter
 Vince Ruissatel


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