Thursday, October 1, 2015

MadPea Peatonville Bay Opened Today in Anticipation of the Peytonville Asylum Opening Oct. 8th

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Peatonville Asylum by MadPea runs Oct 8 through Nov. 30. 

MadPea Peatonville So today I grabbed one of the few remaining early entry keys to Peatonville Asylum because this looks like a lot of fun. I will miss some of the initial pomp and circumstance afforded the early entry group and apparently some initial information that may be helpful to me but at least I'll get in that evening after work for some lag free and early entry pics and head start.   They already have the sim open for a photo contest that runs now through opening Oct 8th. 
MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville (What is that?!?) MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville

Above pic is my golden key to get in early!

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