Thursday, October 15, 2015

Burn 2 Press Pass day Friday and Open Saturday Oct 17 through 25

Visit here Saturday:
Today is press pass day and I hope to add some photos here soon and then the doors open at noon on Saturday to Burn2 an annual SL event based on RL Burning Man.  There will be 6 regions to explore always filled with a variety of fun things and people to enjoy and plenty of scheduled events too. 

BURN2-Carnival of Mirrors 2015

(above pic by iSkye Silverweb from Flickr via the link below)

  Their press release states in part....

" BURN2 2015: Carnival of Mirrors will open on Saturday the 17th of October at noon SLT with a procession by the Lamplighters, beginning at their Village which is not far from the Welcome Gate where you arrive. You are all invited to explore, experience and express the joy of the Burn and revel in the music, art and colourful constructions born out of the imaginations of creative Burners. And, of course there will be fire!

The event opens with a Lamplighters procession at 12:00pm SLT on the 17th, with another at 7:00pm SLT. Additional processions will take place at noon and 7pm SLT daily through the 23rd. On the 24th there will be no processions, but the Man Burns will be at 6am, 12pm and 6pm SLT on the 24th. On the last day the Lamplighters will perform their last processions at 5am, 11am and 5pm SLT - one hour before each Temple Burn. Also on Temple Burn day, Lamplighter processions will pause along their route at Center Camp for a short Fire Dance performance before continuing the procession toward the Temple.
More information about the event can be seen via the menu at the left side of the home page here on
Come and see the wildly festive, weirdly fun and wonderfully fiery features and
creatures awaiting you on the virtual playa!
BURN2 is the virtual extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of 
Second Life. It spreads Burning Culture and the Burning Man Ten Principles all year round.
BURN2 is one Burning Man regional, out of more than 100 first world Regional groups.

The theme of BURN2 2015: Carnival of Mirrors, once again: 
This year’s theme is about mirrors and masks, mazes and merger. It will be a kind of magic

show that takes the form of an old fashioned

carnival. This Carnival of Mirrors asks three

essential questions: within our media saturated

world, where products and people,

consumption and communion morph into an endlessly diverting spectacle, who is the
trickster, who is being tricked, and how might we discover who we really are?
Classic carnivals, as theaters of illusion, upheld a very strict dividing line that separated
carnies, cast as showmen, from members of a naïve public who were labeled chumps and

suckers, marks and rubes. Our carnival, however, will perform an even more subversive trick

— its motto is Include the Rube. The wall dividing the observer from observed will disappear,

as by an act of magic; through the alchemy of interaction, everyone at once can be the carny
and the fool.
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Addendum.. so I"ve been in and its very cool.  They are making great use of windlight to get a good reflective water feel in some of the builds, of course there is the usual fire in many places, and I saw some of the decorated porta potties.  Some very cool builds.  I'll add a few teaser pics.


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