Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Live Music in SL with The Bipolar Express

I stopped over at The VooDoo Lounge beach area where they have been having a ton of live music events lately.  They also have the regular cool club, haunted pirate ship, game area etc over there.  Anyway.. I caught this husband wife team, "The Bi-Polar Express" comprised of Soren Sixpence and Grayson Gartner.  Later I caught up with them again over at Key West, the well known live music venue that packs the house and has a history of having a lot of quality live music and many other events and fun things on the sim.  So, Soren sings with a nice bluesy voice type lead and guitar and
Grayson harmonizes and does a variety of percussion and I am not sure what else they are doing but they make a great sound together.  Their couples banter is cute too and they clearly have a comfortable stage presence and make a great show overall.   All aboard the Bi-Polar Express!

The Bipolar Express at The VooDoo Lounge Beach The Bipolar Express at Key West

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