Thursday, October 8, 2015

MadPea's Peatonville Asylum Opens Thursday for Gold Key Owners and Friday 10-9-15 for Everyone

Well, actually it opened Wed to gold key holders and then Thursday approx. noon SLT for everyone else.  So I had my gold key and got in late because I do work full time RL and missed my grand opening event for gold key holders which annoyed me quite a bit because I am sick of working right now for some reason, maybe because I've been doing it forever.. but anyway FINALLY around 8pm I hooked up with a MadPea admin. who gave me my goodies, as in hud, outfit, camera and various things we get, gave me a little info. and off I went.  Now, I do not want to be a spoiler because they work so hard to keep us all in suspense and I sort of like that.. .. (so spoiler alert here!), but I could not help myself from taking some pictures and will only post one that doesn't show much here.  I have plenty more for later. I do want to say, I highly recommend this event.  It's challenging and I didn't take the wimp option which is actually available this time.  The Asylum is HUGE with some tricky places along the way.  Check out their web site for all the info. and the SLurl to head on in on Thursday and be sure to read up on how to use the hud and things... like I said, it's a bit challenging, but then again, I guess MadPea fans have an idea of how to hunt and explore.

MadPea Peatonville Asylum sneak peek

Ok, it's now Friday morning before work and soon you all will be traveling to the island to see for yourself, so I decided to add a few more not so revealing photos as a teaser (note: I turned up the lights for the pics below, but do use their lighting as it really adds to the environment) MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville

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