Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happening Things Around the Grid with SL Live Radio

I'm doing a weekly little voice piece on SL Live radio reviewing events and fun stuff I like around the grid.  You can hear this 2 x during the Slow Bake show with DJ Soni between 12noon SL and 2pm SLT each Sunday.   More info. about her show at the bottom of this page.  Last week I didn't get the events posted here that I spoke about on the show so they got extra fun event ideas about things to do in SL.  Listen in to hear more each week from myself and DJ Soni.

Here is what I had to say this week:

Hi Slow Bake fans, It's Kara Trapdoor of Kara's Korner Blogger BlogSpot here again with your weekly, "Happening Things Around the Grid" review.

A quick look at last week includes my foray into the latest MadPea Productions, Peatonville Bay, and Asylum. I also attended Spotlight Production's Great show that runs Tuesdays through Thanksgiving. I highly recommend visiting both.

Yesterday Balecry sang at the United Football League's official season kickoff party.  The cheerleaders also  gave a great performance.  Balecry is with Whispering Sands Live Promotions who picked up two great new musicians this week  Annette Serenade and Nathan Price, Both excellent if you want to check out some new talent around the grid. 

Speaking of Whispering Sands Live Promotions their professional organized web site has a fan registry feature with  kiosks popping up at venues around the grid.  If you'd like one please contact Jorrdan Jarman over at WLP.

This week I recommend explorers visit Calas Galahdon's Valyria, their 2015 Halloween sim that is not just your typical haunted house.  It's filled with uniquely designed dark places to explore reminiscent of Game of Thrones.  Halloween Town and Pumpkin Town also are great lighter side fun explores.   Valyria has a schedule of live music events in their cavern for all you live music lovers out there.  Hammer Fla sang at the  opening Oct 2nd .  He's been celebrating his 4,000 performances in SL.  Pretty Impressive!

Shoppers don't forget the Seasons Story opened up last night for some fun shopping too.  Also Burn 2 Carnival of Mirrors Opens October 17th and runs through Oct 23rd.  This is an annual SL event based on First life's Burning Man.

That's all for now folks.  Enjoy your week and now back to DJ Soni with your Slowbake SL Live Radio Show.

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