Sunday, October 25, 2015

Step inside 'The Inner Room', Your Doorway to Discovery

Step inside 'The Inner Room', Your Doorway to Discovery
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The Inner Room Discover your deepest desires at this new upscale adult lounge and entertainment sim.  Last night I visited the grand opening of 'The Inner Room".  This classy new adult lounge features both public and VIP sections. They uniquely offer a variety of rooms with something for everyone including a jazz bar, Roman bath house, Boho area, BDSM, gameroom, cigar room, movie theater, burlesque area, video room, main club areas, and social settings just to name a few.  The Inner Room is owned by Serenity Starfall.  I was very impressed with the classy styling and design by Tommi Bayn and Essence Bilasimo.  The animations throughout are impressive,  with smooth animations and transitions. They make great use of decor, textures, special lighting effects, some original builds and animations, seductive music, and a variety of vignette type settings in different rooms and areas.   I noted plenty of adult things to play on for singles, couples, and groups. Based on appearance and the overall quality and the clientele present for the opening  'The Inner Room' is destined to become a popular adult hangout.  We are promised special entertainment, and some decor rotation and themed areas.   Step into The Inner Room for a night of desires.   This is not just another club but a door to be discovered.  The VIP sections will open November 7th. Open 24/7.  I even had a sneak peek tour so grabbed some pics before people flowed in.  My photos don't do the ambiance justice and of course there are many many areas and I just grabbed a few shots.  Check it out for yourself and you will see the quality of the work here.  Their grand opening invitation reads:
                                ~Presented by The Inner Room Lounge~

 "You are cordially invited to the Inner Room Lounge this night of..
   ◈«-»◈ October 24th, 2015
   ◈«-»◈ 8:00 PM slt 
   ◈«-»◈ Grand Opening of the The Inner Room Lounge
   ◈«-»◈ Casual or Risqué attire
As you look out into a clear moonlit evening there's a breeze of desire gently blowing across your face, and you are wondering how to make the most of this enticing night. You stop, take a deep breath of the crisp musty air as the fog begins to roll in over the mounds of earth, and then wonder to yourself.... Is there is someone out there feeling as you do right now?...wanting, waiting to make the most of a night such as this? There is only one way to find out.
Come to a place of sensual escape or as it has been so rightfully named "The Inner Room". A place of inspiring desires that can only be fully experienced by venturing into the depths of walls within. A surreal aura around you will awaken your senses, fantasies, and imagination. How far your desires go only depending on your willingness to stimulate your natural sensual instincts.

The Inner Room

  Note: ◈«-»◈ This is an Adult sim we ask that everyone visiting represent The Inner Room as respectful adults. Sorry, NO one under 60 days of sl age permitted in the lounge. This rule is in place for a variety of reasons. NO child avatars or animal avatars in the club. NO use of gestures as they may interrupt experiences being shared in the lounge. Please show respect to all visitors ~ ABSOLUTELY NO harassment, griefing, crude actions to rejection, nor drama within the lounge. This is a 24/7 hour lounge open to the public, and will be watched over carefully to ensure a great experience for all of our visitors. "

The Inner Room The Inner Room The Inner Room

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