Friday, October 9, 2015

Black and White Challenge

The Facebook 5 Day BW Challenge I was tagged on Facebook for the 5 B/W pics in 5 days by my friend Kathy Nikolaidis. This challenge has been going on a while and it finally caught up with me so now that I'm done I've collaged them. The locations/props info. here if anyone is interested:

  -Large left pic: taken in
unedited using using photo-tools BW light settings

-Top left smaller pic sim Ironwood Hills:
Plague Dr mask: ::*The Doctor*;; By L'Emporio :
lingerie: Shade, Bitten on Marketplace here:
Trenchcoat: Paff, Emma on Marketplace here:

-2nd small pic on top: Taken in the beautiful sim: Sommergewitter:

-Bottom Left small pic: Taken in beautiful Elysion sim (sadly it was a temp build in the sim but the sim is great:

-Bottom Right pic:
Headdress: Aisling, Calyiso here:
scales: Aisling scales bra
Pendant: .Shi, Evra here:

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