Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dividni Shoshtakovich's Birthday

My good friend and owner/curator of Split Screen Installation Space had a real life birthday recently.  The gang threw me a surprise party for my birthday that was shortly before Divi's.  So when Divi said he didn't want a party for his, I immediately began scheming with the other two Divi's Divas.  Isabelle Mavendorf did an amazing job with the set and choreography/dj, Emma Portilo coordinated, and I contributed venue and ideas and in the end we ended up with a little production. We all 3 prepared roasts to last him another (how many years is it now Divi?)   I won't mention how the actual party turned out since Divi is the master at avoidance, but in the end I was able to film a little bit of the song and dance at a later date to preserve it all.  Some of it's sort of an inside joke, since we got together last year and sprung a surprise makeover on Divi ending in the fuzzy full body animal pajamas and a short machinima to preserve that event as well ... track back here for more on that: http://karasecondlife.blogspot.com/2011/08/makeover-otherwise-known-as-project_05.html
So this year when we burst out of the cake to dance of course we had to wear those same fuzzy outfits.  Later we followed up with presenting the roasts all the while Divi sat on the hot seat, a special on fire electric chair (another inside joke, since we often drive Divi a little, you know, he wears that straight jacket).  Finally we did a little burlesque Cell Block Tango, becuase of course Divi ... had it coming. 

But he knows we all love him dearly.  A few special friends also attended the later filming date.  Thanks everyone.  The vid is small here so I'll add some stills.  Again, hope you had a great birthday this year Divi and just wait till next year. : )

In case you are wondering:   I'm in pink bunny, red burlesque, and yellow dress.   Emma is white cat (I think), white/black burlesque and red/black outfit, and Izzy is black/white panda, blue burlesque and white gown.  Also thanks for hanging out at the filming Gus, Kathy and David, and of course the man of the hour Dividni Shoshtakvich. 
As a side note, Divi's SSIS Art space ranked #3 in Levity Magazine's top 10 galleries in Second Life.  I have to say I'm proud to have been a regular supporter in it's first year and Divi has done an amazing job of keeping it going strong.  Check out his blog for all things SL art and more SSIS information here: http://dividni.blogspot.com/

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