Thursday, August 23, 2012

Circle Loon Origami Editions at LOL-Explore this beautiful and fun sim

Visit here:
Direct link here:

This is a very cool sim that you can ride a oragami crane off into the sunset or wherever you like, jump on a trampoline on the belly of a giant clown, pic up some freebies, take a magic door to a cool studio theater in the sky, and explore an overall cool sim.  Check it out some time.

Note:  (Top pic:  ran into fellow blogger and Flickr friend Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard.  To see some amazing pics check Dido's blog here:  She even put one of me in there too from when we met in this sim!)  AND now she is my 100th follower here.  Ty Dido :)


  1. Thank you for your visit to the circus Loon :-) The shots are wonderful \ o /

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your great sim with us! : )