Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swing Times USO

There is something about the 1940s wartime life and music that is so appealing to me. I'm not sure why, if it is the mix of a more simple innocent time rocked by war and the changes that brought or what exactly but I found this adorable RP sim and instantly loved it's. charm. It's filled with entertainment and shopping and some rentals still available.  Tomorrow night they are having a dance with djs event then Saturday they are hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed event.  Check it all out here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Swing%20Times/179/107/22

Go back in time with us to the fabulous forties as we dance at the Swing Times USO Club!  Wednesday 8/29 from 6-8 pm SLT. Swing Times is a great 1940's themed Role Play sim.  Come join DL Stormy (Storm Munforth), as she leads us in some swinging dances.  DJ Jaymes will be spinning lots of great Classic Swing music, as well as more contemporary Swing hits!  If you have a period costume or military uniform, great!  Otherwise come as you are!

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