Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cyberstar-New Sim and Club-A Must See!

Visit here:

A couple of weeks ago I found this completely awesome new sim under construction but already very much ready for partying and exploring.  There is a group that is quite large and they've had some underground parties with a grand opening coming up soon.  I was lucky enough to meet the creator and owner, TAO Cyberstar, who gave me an airship tour of the place.  The club alone is worth a visit and many return visits but the whole sim is special.  It's a cyber / sci-fi looking area filled with the large club Cyberstar, a street area housing stores including a cute lemon juice and coffee bar, a radio station, an artsy paint splattered furry hangout, an internet cafe, an amphitheater/presentation/lecture area,  a petrol station, a night beach and pool areas, a large full auditorium with stage and runway, an upper level with tubed walkways and it's all surrounded by tall lighted city buildings and flowing colored waterways. This sim is set up to host just about anything SL needs. 

The owner TAO, who is Australian, was very gracious and friendly during the tour. He has still been working on a web site and tweaking things, yet every times I've visited he's taken time to answer my many questions. He's been making clubs for 2 years.  GemmaSparkle Beaumont who owns Music Music Music group also helped Cyberstar with themes, floors and colors. My computer didn't want to render video for over a week so I worked on it today and got a little of the footage to render but it really does not do this place justice.  I filmed a while back and one of the already regulars, Jazmine77 joined me in the club.  This is a must see sim.  I expect many shows and parties and happenings here in the future.

(Lounge area of the main club)
(Me hanging out in the DJ booth in the club -red & black body glove by Egoisme)
TAO has experience with sims and planned this one out well.  It's a level 5 sim.  They plan to have a magazine "The Daily Cyber".  There are 7 houses for rent at various levels that have amazing views and come fully furnished including a flying car and VIP passes to all the sim amenities.  They are building a community of creative people and their theme is "Live, Learn and Grow".  My friend Kathy Nikolaidis joined me in the club and then exploring one of the places for rent.
(Kathy and I enjoying one of the homes for rent)

(Mr Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO, came for a starship tour)

(TAO Cyberstar)
This is a "must see" sim.  I expect many shows, parties, and events here in the future.  Check it out!

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  1. wow Kara I have to visit this one. Looks supa cool!
    thx for sharing
    dikke kus