Monday, March 5, 2012

Yay! I Made the "What Is This Crap?" Blogroll Project!

Crap Mariner, Wordy, clockpunk robot in SL, and Secondlie cynic I love to follow and who has the best one liners ever (& short stories), added me to the ever increasing blogroll over at "What is This Crap" blog.

Here's what he said about my blog when added Saturday,

"Today's addition to the blogroll is Kara Trapdoor.

A little travel. A little art. A little fashion.

This and that."

Woot! So true : ) .. I often think I mostly regurgitate a lot of stuff others do, well I do, but it really helps me to find what I want to save and visit and share with my friends, and come back to easily. I love the blogger search feature and find myself searching my own blog to find places or products much later. Mabye that says something about my poor memory, or the abyss of an inventory that things get too lost in that I can't find what I want there. Ooops, but I digress. My point was going to be that it's cool to think that someone with a very interesting, informative and entertaining blog considers what I have here worthy of adding to a blogroll.

I've quoted him here before and one of my favorites is still, ....."Take care of yourselves, because you’re the only you that you’ve got, and the world ain’t handing out alt accounts anytime soon."

At any rate I'm very proud to be a part of the Crap Mariner blogroll. -------> look to the right here (on my blogroll where it's been forever) to find it or check here: direct link here: CrapMarinerHere.

Ok, I have to admit when I first read what he wrote I thought he said, "A little travel. A little tart. A little fashion... until I did a double take and saw what he really wrote. Either way would have worked for me! : )


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  2. Is this like being on Richard Blackwell's "WORST DRESSED LIST" for SL Bloggers? LOL Congrats :))