Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lauren's Place

Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cookie/115/237/22 or direct link here: LaurensHere.

(Lauren onstage)Lauren's Place
Lauren and SecondLie onstage
(Lauren and SecondLie onstage)
Lauren's Place.. Tuesday night comedy and entertainment.. woot! Tonight I popped in to Lauren's place again for a little entertaining comedy. This place is a great little pub with relaxed seating and a regular crowd that keeps the banter going while comedians take turns at the mic. Tonight Treet.tv filmed this great lineup that included: Lauren Weyland, Pooky Amsterdam, Whitequeen, Bubblepop Unplugged, SecondLie Scribe, & Catfish String followed up with live music by JWheels Presenting Barbie Horsley(Sassy Nitely).

(Pooky onstage)
Lauren is always very funny (female av with male voice doing comedy, gotta love it) and Pooky Amsterdam was as dynamic and funny as she is on her regular Sunday night game she The 1st Question. She was followed up by the always funny Queen, then Bubblepop and SecondLie (a fav) then Catfish finished up the comedy ending it by losing his bladder on stage.. yes.. he's a cat today, but forgot his litterbox. Lots of RL and SL jokes were thrown around and as usual some of the best response lines came from the audience members who are on voice. Thinkerer Melville watched on from the rafters as usual. Great show all around-55 people in attendance cant be wrong. Check it out each Tuesday evening at 6SLT.
lauren's place_003
lauren's place_020 (Thinkerer)
Lexusguy Resident and Jwheels Carver
(Lexusguy Resident and Jwheels Carver)
Lauren and Pooky Amsterdam

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