Monday, March 19, 2012

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Visit here: or direct link here: AnitaHere.
Anita Witt Photography with "Magic Frogs" by Romy Nayar. This place has a lot of cool art plus I thoroughly enjoyed the Magic Frogs exhibit outside that features some interactive spots where you can get trapped in a jar by a giant frog, read with another, ride snails in a snail race or sit back and watch the frogs with umbrellas fling high into the air. There is also a story and game you can play having something to do with finding hats, but I didn't get to that so check it out for yourself.


Visit Realm of Mystara here: or direct link here: RealmHere.

Realm Of Mysteria
So, yeah, I have blogged this place before but it is just so cool and I found this area I never saw before, so set a SLurl here. Its loaded with all kinds of fantasy creatures and scenery to RP in, or like me, take pics. : )
Visit here: or a direct link here: LonlinessHere


So maybe I WAS feeling a bit lonely and decided to go exploring for a while again. I popped into Ian Pahute's "The Lonliness of Being" to check it out and actually there were a LOT of people there. Ian, the sim owner and creator, was around and I asked him how long this sim had been up to which he replied, "It's been here a couple of years", but just got featured on destination guide. "Its normally quite quiet and contemplative here. But having lots of visitors is nice."

Upon landing you can't help but notice a large mountain beyond some water that has words all around in multi-colored lettering then notice on the base in front it says, " The Loneliness of Being is a contemplative and live installation by artist Ian Pahute. The cloud compromises a thousand ever-changing words. Drawn live from the Internet (Twitter and Newsfeeds), the could is always evolving, always reflecting the now. Some see nothing more than foggy letters. Others see hidden meaning and personal insight. Come. Contemplate"
Ian Pahute
I visited BoHo Hobo to see the cool colored lamp sewers. I was just there shopping for awesome Boho clothes not long ago so it was fun to run around in the sewers this time. I even ran into the owner/designer, Trill Zapatero. Visit here: or direct link here: BoHoHoboHere.
bunny face_009
bunny face_002

bunny face_003bunny face_006
Here is a link to the start of a Steampunk hunt: Visit here: or direct link here: SteamHuntHere.

And finally, gearing up for Easter, I found a cute little bunny face tattoo for free. There are numerous freebies at this shop and a Easter egg hunt too. Check it out here: or direct link here: DirtylittleSecretHere.

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