Thursday, March 29, 2012

Butterfly Gallery, Kaleidoscope Gallery, & The Elephant and SeaDryke Gallery

Some friends have galleries in Second Life with new exhibits and they really have done a great job with them!
Visit here: or direct link here: ButterflyHere.
Butterfly Gallery

The Butterfly Gallery
By Bloomy Miles and Michiel Bechir
Featured Artists:
1. Annomis Devaux (Anna)
2. Babydoll Tracy
3. Bloomy Miles
4. Elorac Paule
5. Fanette Crystal
6. Ilanit Orsini
7. Link Bressig
8. Lisa Klaber
9. Michiel Bechir
10. Sharonatje Romano
11. Toogie Restless
Owners and curators, Bloomy and Michiel have done a beautiful job with The Butterfly Gallery which will feature different rotating artists and themes. They celebrated their grand opening in March and I had fun seeing a lot of Flickr friends at the opening. The gallery is a beautiful build by Drake Huet (Smiles in Flickr)with some texture selections by Bloomy.

Bloomy at Gallery
bloomy at gallery_003 (Bloomy & Michiel)
Visit here: or direct link here: KaleidoscopeGalleryHere.
Enchanted Elven Realm not only has this amazing fantasy art display featuring various artists it is also a great explore that I have previously blogged. I can't emphasize enough how fun it is to experience the magic of this sim. Natalie Montagn is the sim and gallery owner and curator. She has associated Flickr contests. Special featured artist is currently Patricie Sapphire, but her exhibit is about to end so hurry on over. There are regular artist works and a new featured artist will probably be added soon.
Kaleidoscope Gallery
butterfly gallery_005
butterfly gallery_004
Visit here: or direct link here: PatronHere
And last but certainly not least is The Elephant and SeaDryke Gallery at Patron by the ever impressive Eliza Wierwight who I have previously blogged here. Eliza's Petron sim hosts amazing art, exclusive design retail & recreation. Harbor Galaxy is the currently featured artist. This whole place is just gorgeous and a must see.
butterfly gallery_009


  1. Kara, thank you so much for the great information on these galleries. I especially want to thank you for taking the time to visit and feature the Kaleidoscope Gallery at Enchanted, I really appreciate it! Wow, what a nice endorsement, I am honored and it's good to know these wonderful artists are getting the recognition they deserve :) Thank you again!

  2. Oh Miss Kara, you're soooooooo sneaky :) Also like to thank you, great opportunity for people to see the depth of Harbor's work as this exhibition will end very soon. She's breathtaking good . Patron SIM looks forward to hosting the works of Starlash Sweetwater next. A very different style and also an incredible talent. Anyone who knows me, knows I work to much and too often to find the time to divert much time elsewhere. I never regret going the extra mile for Artists of this genre.

    Thanks again Miss Kara ~hugs~

  3. Thanks you two, glad you like and even more thanks for making cool places for me to visit and see. You've done an amazing job. Thanks for the update too Eliza, I'm looking forward to Starlash's exhibit.