Sunday, July 29, 2018

District 18, Cyberpunk Roleplay

Visit District 18 here:

Adult rated District 18 Cyberpunk Roleplay sim info. states: "Dark and gritty cyberpunk rp sim where crime, justice, mega corporations. high tech, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence blends together to fit into a noir film like experience Cyberpunk high tech noir Cybercity space cyberspace scifi future roleplay science fiction rp dystopia blade runner dark techno dystopian robot android droid  technologic city technopunk" and appares to be owned by, "Skula" Skula Van Nexus.

The 4 Roleplay race options to chose from include Human, Varient, Synth and Echo. Factions include police, wing cutters, downsiders,and equalists. The soft opening began July 27th after a sim and redesign.  I went in totally OOC.  It appears at least one faction is still under development.  The sim is amazing looking. There were some individual apartments, several club and bar type places, an Ecopark, stores, a hotel, theater, numerous eating places., a great shopping district, etc. I might have gone into a few private residences.  Anyway, the setting is 3082.  Great place to explore and if you roleplay maybe a fund place to live, shop, or hang out with others. If you visit be sure to cam all the way out or get outside the city and explore too.

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