Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Blogger's Office

I'm not in a habit of blogging products unless it's something I really love because there are so many other bloggers doing that to help people find cool clothes and things, but this is something I really want to save and share as it's just too cute. My blogger's office. A friend, Kathy Nikolaidis, gave me this "Blogger's Office" for Christmas and I love it. The detail is amazing and you can see from the photo the computer has my own blog picture in it, I've added a photo to the bulletin board, there are shadows, computer laptop or desktop options,the bookshelf w/contents, a working lamp, the chair is fully animated with many options including typing on the computer, and all that you see in the photo plus more (minus Kara of course). It's all copy/mod too, so I can use as much or as little as I like and even color things. When looking at this set it says it's made by Winter Thorn, so I went to check out what else Winter might be making for SL. I found her store called, "What Next" and her profile describes the places like this: "An eclectic collection of home accessories, stylish and affordable furniture and garden decor to enhance your virtual spaces. Collections range from vintage to rustic, modern to contemporary. •As featured in the Second Life Destination Guide". The store is loaded with very cute things I like. The Marketplace also carries some of their items here: or direct link here: WhatNextMarketplaceHere.
You can visit the store inworld here: or direct tp here: WhatNextHere. The store sim location is also loaded with other very cool shops. Check it out.


  1. It is just the way I pictured your office when I read your blog.

  2. Aww, thank you Kara! Love the pictures :)


  3. Hehe.. Nazz : ) Seems to fit me, thanks Kathy for getting this for me. Thanks for dropping by my blog Winter.. 'Love your stores and products : )