Wednesday, February 2, 2011

83,466 Inventory and Climbing-"Confessions of a Second Life Hoarder"

Ok, my inventory peaked over 100,000 a few weeks ago, but for some odd reason it's back down to 83,466 at the moment. I call my inventory the abyss.. what goes in might not necessarily come back out or see the light of day again or even ever get unboxed, but I might NEED things later, so in they go. I mean who can pass up a good deal or sale? I'm not sure if missing inventory will resurface after a relog or if things are gone for good. Did I need the missing items if I don't even know what is missing? I know I didn't delete anything.. at least not that much. So friends tell me to clean up so my inventory rezzes faster and I don't have to stand nakie waiting for an outfit to rez. I don't take the time to do that..and I need to shop and hunt, and get all the freebies etc. My friend Kathy showed me this video by Veronicakenya. Three words... RINGS A BELL.

VeronicaKenya Youtube stream: or direct link here: VeronicaKenyaHere.


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