Sunday, February 27, 2011

Originalia Opening Today, 2-27-11 at 3pm SLT

red hot chili pipers_015 or direct link here: OriginaliaHere. This is the starting point of a wonderful artistic adventure that will hold a grand opening today 2-27-11 at 3pm slt. My friend, Scottius Polke, gave me an invite so I showed up early to take some pics and to be able to blog it before the opening. It is as impressive as I was hoping based on some of his past works I've seen. The note card explains and says it all best so I will just quote it here. Be sure to visit for a great time and amazing artistic display.

"Opening of Originalia, Amase Levasseur's sim, dedicated to art in SL
New Installations by Em Larsson, Scottius Polke, RAG Randt & Eliza Wierwight

Time: Sunday February 27th 3 pm slt. Please not sim is not open until Sunday

Originalia, Amase Levasseur's sim dedicated to art in SL, will have its grand opening on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 3 pm SLT. The debut exhibit, Reverie, features new installations by Em Larsson, Scottius Polke, RAG Randt and Eliza Wierwight.

Reverie begins in the gallery with RAG Randt's new show "Doggie Dreams." RAG's new work started from an unpublished children's book he wrote called The ABCs of AL. RAG submitted the completed manuscript and drawings to numerous publishers to no avail. The book went into the archives.

RAG says, "I thought it would be a fun exercise to deconstruct the characters and drawings from the book into new Second Life 3D constructions. The result is a series of art boxes incorporating RL and SL textures, scripting and particles proving that there is life after RL rejection!" To view the book please go to:

Across the bridge in front of the gallery, Em Larsson has created an art walk amid the island's tropical plants. In "Temporal Dreams," Em says "I decided to layer several images of varying opacities to create a feeling of unreality, images that represent that trance-like state we may find ourselves in when we dream. Asleep, our minds may blend odd elements, some mundane and some fantastical in a strange and implausible mélange that we somehow still manage to credit."

As you cross the bridge to begin your stroll through the installation, be sure to set your viewer to midnight. As you follow the stepping-stones, images will gradually appear out of the mist before you. Be sure to stand on the one that glows to be able to see most clearly. Sweet dreams!

From a midnight stroll through the garden to the blue dome, "The Docks." This latest build by Scottius Polke, creator of mushROOM and Lunamaruna, is a quarter sim build which once again is entirely created using his own illustrations and drawings. Scottius amazes us yet again by creating a new and entirely different mood from his past two builds using a color palette that is more muted, yet strongly makes the observer feel like they are stepping into an uneasy dream, a different reality.

Eliza Wierwight muses once again with "Aria," a whimsical nocturne engraved with all the aesthetic & charm of the River Styx." She states, "I don't have the answers. I don't write essays. I create what I love. It's instinctual."

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Amase Levasseur or, or any of the artists"

The Artists on a show now/just prior to the sim opening.
Scottius Polk-artist
Artist Scottius showing me the way into the exhibit
I have to add, as I entered Scottius' exhibit I was totally blown away... super super cool place. Be sure to visit, as you wont' want to miss this!


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  3. Thank you for helping us launch the sim!

  4. Thanks Eliza and Amase! The whole area and all the art is amazing and I was glad to be there and to be able to blog and show my friends. Thanks to all the artists who create cool things for me to see and play in: )

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