Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"O2": A SL Machinima in the Go Green International Film Competition

The Story of "O2"

You can VOTE for the Film "O2"

Last weekend the Machinimatrix participated in the international film contest: "Go Green 2011". Their contribution "O2" was entirely made in Second Life.
All other (300 films in total) are "classic short movies".

A public voting starts at 24-feb-2011 and lasts until 4-march-2011. The 8 highest voted films will be in the final competition.

Please take a look at the film "o2" and consider voting for it (you need to register!):

http://www.48gogreen.com/login or direct link here: GoGreenHere.

All other competing films can be found here:

http://www.48gogreen.com/videos2011 or direct link here:

This Teaser you can find here:


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