Saturday, March 26, 2011

Split Screen Hosts Oberon Onmura and Maya Paris

Visit here: or direct link here: SplitScreenHere.
The installations at Split Screen during April are:

Maya Paris, "Mind the Gap" and Oberon Onmura, "Second Pool"

Notecards with information about each build are available from the Split Screen kiosks.Be sure to visit both installations! They're on either side of the kiosk at the landing point. In addition, Split Screen continues to host Misprint Thursday's "Digital Glove," which won an astonishing four awards at the University of Western Australia's February contest.

For more info. contact:
Dividni Shostakovich
Curator, Split Screen Installation Space

"Second Pool"
"An installation by Oberon Onmura
I created this "Second Pool" in memory of Sabrinaa Nightfire, who asked me to do a piece for her show "Enter ..." at Caerleon about a year ago. That piece turned out to be a pool, as well, different in many regards, but similar as a place of contemplation and peace.

Click the blue cubes at the corners for a transporter orb to the bottom. Watch out for the swimming things. Even though they look fragile, and many of them die before reaching their goal of escaping the pool, they can give you a strong bump if they happen to touch you.

Thanks to Dividni Shostakovitch for commissioning this work at Split Screen Installation Space!
Oberon Onmura
April, 2011"
Let's do this in the dark
Midnight is best + you'll need computer-sound ON + your animation over-ride (AO) OFF.
**There are 3 interactive levels. Take your Dandelion Crown when you hit the bottom.
*LEVEL 1- LONG DROP: Click the UP teleporter disc on the water, then peer through the clouds, and click a Ball and Chain.
CLICK :The winged Dandelion
Another ball and chain will take you down
or....Walk on water until you hear a splash
Find your Dandelion Crown
Break the glass ( will cost you $0L for damages)
Wear it and BLOW
(The vegetation's worth a click too)

*As the world's media prepare to swivel their lenses away from the serious issues of the day, and focus them on an anachronistic royal-showbiz wedding.......

Please take your crown off when you go to Oberon's Pool, he'll have my guts for garters if we fill it up with fluff....and if you look hard you can find a way to tunnel through. Click twice.
A big thank you to Dividni Shostakovich for inviting us to show here this month. It's been fantastic and has improved my digging no end. Also to Oberon, who can turn a Maya-script into a thing of beauty.
Maya Paris 2011
(** If you'd like to be added to my mailing list for new projects, please send me your name on a notecard )
also now Open- Veparella- A Fairytale Caper"

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