Friday, March 18, 2011

Something for the Men!

Menswear Fashion Week Starts Today.


A friend handed me the press release for this event almost at the exact time someone else gave me this poster. She told me her good friend, Locked Semaphore, made some awesome sets for some of the shows and she wanted to be sure I was aware of the Menswear fashion week. I am now! I'm going to have to crack MAlt out of this computer again for the week long event that looks great for our men or male alts. MAlt can always use some new clothes to look good in pictures for me : )

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Friday March 18th, 2011
10-11am SL Ispachi Fashion Show
2-3pm SL Mea Culpa Fashion Show
6-7:30pm Rock N Roll Couture (Couture Group Show)
7:30-9pm SL Rock Balla' Opening Night

Saturday March 19th, 2011
11am-12pm SL Shiki Fashion Show
12-1:30pm SL Avenue Euro Opening Party
4-5:30pm SL Boy's Night Out (Casual Group Show)
7:30-8:30pm SL Alphamale

Sunday March 20th, 2011
12-1pm SL Vitamen Fashion Show
1-2:30pm SL Blakopal Designs Fashion Show
8-9:30pm SL Night out on the Town (Suit Group Show)

Monday March 21st, 2011
11am-12pm SL Subversion Fashion Show
12-1:30pm SL San Francisco Underwear Party (Sponsored by SF Sims)
4-5:30pm SL SB Menswear Fashion Show
7:30-9pm SL Grotto Steam (Men's Undergear/Kmadd Shape Show )
9-10:30pm SL KMADD Industry Party

Tuesday March 22nd, 2011
10-11am Sl G&T Creations Fashion Show
3-4:30pm SL Symphonic Nights (Formal Group Show)
6:30-7:30pm Gizza Creations Fashion Show
7:30-9pm SL Ironically Sexy Party (ICON/Too Sexy Industry Party)

Wednesday March 23rd, 2011
12-1:00pm SL Gabriel Fashion Show
7-8pm SL Connors Fashion Show
8-9:30pm SL SL Art Couture Industry Party

Thursday March 24th, 2011
11am-12pm SL A:S:S Fashion Show
4-5pm SL SaWoDe
7:30-9pm SL MANequines (Accessories/Show Group Show)

Friday March 25th, 2011
12-1pm SL Starchild Designs Fashion Show
3:30-4:30pm SL Grasp Fashion Show
7:00-8:30pm SL Phantom of the Opera (Costume Group Show)
8:30-10pm SL Scruplz Costume Farewell Party (Scruplz Industry Party)

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