Sunday, March 6, 2011

Split Screen Hosts an Exhibit by Misprint Thursday, "Digital Glove"


Misprint Thursday's extraordinary piece "Digital Glove," which exploits the capabilities of video in SL and won *four* awards during the University of Western Australia's art contest in February, will be at Split Screen's sky platform this month. Be sure to turn on video when you arrive, or you'll miss the entire thing!"

Split Screen typically hosts two artists who spend about a month preparing their large immersive/environmental artwork then show for a month. There are two artists working on this now, but in the interim Split Screen is fortunate to host "Digital Glove" a must see.. Check it out here: or direct link here: SplitMisprintHere.

I stopped in this afternoon for a peek at "Digital Glove" and Betty Tureaud, Obvious Schism, and Divi were kinda hanging out while others were down below at Split Screen. I had my media going, so immediately saw the show and hopped on one of the "bikes" to watch the video and listen to the music sung by Misprint. I attached the provided hud and clicked for her additional information notecard and video.

Misprint's card provides information which in part includes the following information: "

"Digital Glove is a video art installation with an original video and collaborative song with lyrics and vocals by Misprint Thursday. Lyrics
Digital Glove

Who will be my digital glove
My digital glove
My saccharine treacle
Who will be my digital glove
My digital glove
The Hyde to my Jeckyll

Three Four
Show me that I'm still alive
Eight Nine Ten
I want to do it again

I know it's sickening
Sickening sweet
When you knock me off my feet

Come on and knock
Oh oh do it again


Digital Glove (song)
Sal Caruso: composer, mix, mastering
Misprint Thursday: lyrics, vocals

Digital Glove (video)
Misprint Thursday
Edited from Prelinger Archive footage
of Public Domain Commercials"

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