Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Machinima Book by SL Authors is At the Publishers!

The book is off to the publisher!

Well it's about time I get my friends back after a year of their hard work researching, interviewing many many machinimatographers (or is it machinimists? machinimisters?-not sure) and writing their book about machinima with a heavy focus on Second Life but including interviews and information from various other platforms such as World of Warcraft, The Sims and others.

Word Woman, Sonicity Fitzroy, and Machinima Man, Lowe Runo, (I swear I'm going to make them the super hero outfits to match my secret pet names for them some day), have completed their book which is out to the publisher and Soni has written about the book at their web site: Magnum, The Machinima Review, a monthly blog Soni does here: http://magnummachinima.blogspot.com/ and direct link here: MagnumHere.

I'll quote the blog here a little, but go and check it out for yourself......"many did contribute to the making of Modern Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice in Game and Virtual Film making. The manuscript now awaits the first round of review by the publishers and the process continues through the summer months, with a Fall 2011 release scheduled."

So, yeah.. Yay! They are done! Well... it seems their work is never done and I am very sure they are both on to other major projects even as I write this. Many SL avatars are mentioned in the book and I think it will be a fun read for a lot of people especially since we will recognize many of the key players who provided expert insight for their book. I sat in on one of their round table interviews and was a bit in awe of the experience and knowledge the group had. They did include amateurs as well as many professionals in their open discussion groups for a good variety of skill levels and insight. But the leg work was done by these two hard working individuals who have a end product they should be very proud of in RL and SL. Their individual experience and skills blend exceptionally well for a team that is very productive. Soni herself is a RL educator in the media field, is previously published, has a great deal of long term experience in RL/SL media and machinima and of course Lowe is the machinimaster with the amazing special effects and SL/RL photography and video skills and experience. Search my blog for past information on both of these two if interested.

If you really want to see these two in action check them out this Friday at 2 SLT when they present at the Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education Conference in SL. I've previously blogged about this as well. They are both great speakers with a passion for teaching and assisting others in learning more about machinima. Check it out! O, btw, did I mention they are friends of mine? heheh : )

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