Sunday, March 27, 2011

Zed-Wide World Paradise, Dali inspired

This is a totally cool sim. check it out here: direct link here: ZedHere.
Wideworld Paradise Zed

The note card says: "Welcome to ZED, a surrealist experience!

The design of this sim was inspired in great part by the artwork of several well-known surrealist painters, mainly René Magritte and Salvador Dali, and on some designs by the famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. Many of the 3D scenes you will see are my own 3D renditions of their paintings ; others are my own creations. In the Sky Gallery (􀂑 ) you will see the paintings that inspired my work.

Feel free to fly and explore. You can use the large Teleport Board at the landing point to visit different areas. There are also secret places that are not accessible via this large board. The more adventurous will have fun finding them on their own. You can also use the special doors to get to those secret places.

ZED is dedicated to romance and art in a surrealist, poetic ambiance. There are many places for chatting and dancing with your partner or friends. Some are designed for small groups, others for couples. There are also two places dedicated to group tai chi.
Do not hesitate to left- or right-click some objects, this is how you can find those TPs that lead t secret places ;-)

Occasionally we will have parties with some of the best DJs in SL playing great Techno and House music at Club Zed."
opening to underwater tunnel
Opening to underwater tunnel


  1. Last week a great DJ came to Argentina and he played really near my apartment for rent Buenos Aires , so I went to see Tiesto and it was a really great show!

  2. Thank you Kara for writing about my place, ZED. And what a great picture you took! I had so much fun bringing art to life by creating 3D scenes inspired by 2D artwork. I have decided to add one new feature: starting next week, there will be a temporary biweekly exhibit featuring new 3D pieces, either my creations or those of others who join my Zedelik group - maybe I make turn it into a contest as I want to encourage creativity. Hope to see you there again! Tks

  3. Thanks for stopping by the blog Bee. I LOVE the sim and ty for making and sharing it. I am mostly an explorer in SL so really appreciate ppl like you who make fun stuff for me to see and do. I keep bringing friends back to see your place and finding things I previously missed. I look forward to your events and new exhibits.