Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Red Hot Chilli Pipers
I was just tp'd by a friend to catch the end of a show that was soooo cute! This was the first time I've seen The Red Hot Chilli Pipers and it couldn't have been in a better setting for it at the Ayrshire Scotland sim here: or direct link here: AyrshireHere. Brielle Coronet is the co-coordinator and booking agent for the SL band. Thom Gravois is the band leader and manager and I took this info. from his profile: "RHCP, and the ultimate Scottish rock band Albarnach. The two and only original bands founded by lacy217 McLuhan. The SL Bagpipe and Drum Core, founded by Lacy217 McLuhan. IM, Lacy217 McLuhan or Thom gravois for bookings for all Scottish related music bands."

The SL Red Hot Chilli Pipers have permission to perform to songs by the RL original group whose web site can be found here: or direct link here: RHCPWebHere. The web site states: "You've felt the heat now come closer to the fire!
Bagpipes with attitude. Drums with a Scottish accent. A blazing rock band and a show so hot it carries its own health warning. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have been rocking the world from New York to Beijing with musicianship of the highest order and a passion for pipes that will leave you breathless."

Check out this SL group for some super great tunes and an entertaining show. The music is impressive and they even did a ACDC song with bagpipe rendition that was awesome! Don't miss this performance, as I anticipate they will soon become a red hot, sought after group in SL.

As a side note there apparently is a separate similar group in SL called Albannach that includes some of the same SL performers and it is also based on the RL group Albannach as seen here:, or direct link here: AlbannachHere.
Red Hot Chilli PIpers

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