Thursday, April 28, 2016

Entrophy III, Quantum Satis at LEA 16, by NaTaS Janus

Visit here: Entropy III, Quantum Satis , LEA16 (66, 42, 665) - Moderate

LEA12 Entrophy

So in following my blog you know I have LEA14 Wish You Were Here.  I know, I know, I need to blog it some more, and I plan to.  But in the mean time I wanted to blog my friend NaTaS Janus's sim LEA16 because it's super cool.  I'm glad to have him in the same 4 sim region right next door to mine because it's been fun watching him build (fast) and with expertise I can only stand in awe of.  The teleport area is magical leading to the many areas in his sim.  I don't know how he got so many things in the sim.  He also offers free avatars/freebies too! I've been over many times and there is always more to to see and do.

I'm going to copy some of the sim info. here as it's prob said best by the artist:

"Hello, and welcome to 'Entropy II'
I was sitting here, trying to think of some fancy way to introduce you to the sim and art or whatever.  But instead I'm just going to tell you to have fun, and how to move around the sim.
This room you are in now Is the sim landing point. If you get lost or want to come back here to get to another area, use this landmark:
(see linke above)
And that will bring you back to the beginning.
Also, there is a teleport kiosk to the other destinations at the landing point of each area..

We have NINE (9) different areas.
Which can all be reached in the main teleport room ahead.
Here are Landmarks to each area:  Street/gift shop  meat mountain Peep O-RAMA FLATLAND Coffee Land Modern Art Gallery Vote for Nobody Escher Area   Tlazoterotl's Grotto

And there are different areas, rooms and doors to take you to secret places hidden all around the place.
Each area has TONS of it's own freebies stashed around it.
So take your time and look around.  Hopefully you'll find an area that you enjoy.  I tried to make sure there was something for every taste.

Thanks again for coming.
                                              ~ cordially yours,
                                                     NaTaS Janus

If you like fun, quirky, whimsical, then this is the place to explore.  The teleport area alone with it's magic walkways is pretty cool.  The ground level is a fully immersive meaty, red, googly eye'd landscape filled with all kinds of candy cane lane type things, candy for children and adults alike, there is a boat ride around, freebies, games, a carnival, and so much more. There really are more than 9 main areas.   This sim warrants numerous visits. After you are done checking it out please be sure to visit LEA14 next door which appears to be an airport but it's so much more once you enter the airport and teleport to the many areas in that sim as well.  But be sure to check out all the current LEA sims as there is a lot of fun to be had.   LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy

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