Sunday, April 17, 2016

Moonlight by Cica Ghost

Visit here:  Moonlight by Cica Ghost at Lost Isle 128,128, 41.

It seems everyone has posted on Facebook, Flickr, and blogs already about this really cool sim that Cica has put together but I didn't want to miss showcasing/documenting on my blog too.  As usual her unique style shows through.
The sim says:
" And if you're ever
feeling lonely
just look at the
is looking right at it too.
- unknown"
There is a lot that can be said about this build but I think it's been said before. But most of all it looks cool and is very Cica, so have a visit.  There are flying wire wheel based beds you can ride and the houses have sleeping/sleepwalking? children atop them.  It seems to remind me of a childhood dreamlike idea of waking at night and flying off to magical PeterPan type places only to arrive back home in time for morning.  At least that's what the rooftop moon children might be thinking about.  One roof is empty and that's most likely the girl who has made it to the moon and sits there with her cat.  Good night moon. 

Cica Ghost Moonlight Cica Ghost Moonlight Cica Ghost Moonlight Cica Ghost Moonlight Cica Ghost Moonlight

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