Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Petite Avatars at Petite Avatar Kingdom

Visit here: or direct link here: PetitesHere.
cane sutter maker of petite avatar things_019
I am loving the new petite mesh avatars. My favs are fairies of course that work with any AO (especially fun with my fairy AO)or animations. I also love the cyber and elves.. well actually I love them all. I found a store that sort of caters to petites and it's called Petite Avatar Kingdom. They have all kinds of outfits, hair and accessories. Some of your regular things you can also size down and one petite was riding a unicorn she had sized down herself. Skin can be tinted and there are various facial expressions you can change to. One of the creators, Cane Sutter was hanging out a lot and she said she will have her petite mermaid things out this Friday also. The details are great especially being so small. Check it out some time.

cane sutter maker of petite avatar things_007

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  1. Check out the new IMMORTALS avatars Kara, you will like those :)