Thursday, February 2, 2012

BattleBeast Breedables, Coming Soon

Visit here: or direct link here: BattlebeastHere.
The latest SL breedables coming soon.

Their website says: "What’s so revolutionary about a breeding dragon, one might ask? Well, the BattleBeast Breedables dragons don’t JUST produce off-spring, eat, interact, and look amazing in accessories… (although they DO look amazing in accessories), the Beasts battle! Gamers will appreciate that XP, Levels are earned through battle. Stamina, strength and speed are a blend of Nature and Nuture: Breeding and Battle. As you breed your dragon traits to produce the best possible (“Nature”), the dragon also gains through battle (“Nurture”).
Better Battles means Better Breeding, and Better Breeding means Better Battles.
The BattleBeast dragon is a game built around its own history and adventure. Then add in the fact that they hunt, they patrol and you can ride them, and you’ve got Second Life revolutionary!Check out their website here: or direct link here: BattleBeastwebHere.

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