Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inside Art Gallery

Visit here: or direct link here: InsideArtHere.

(I'm my pink Petite fairy here inside the art)
My friend Roiben Sweetwater showed me this very cool place that has art by Ginger Lorakeet. I LOVE this place. It's beautiful art, which of course I love to see, AND it's interactive in that you can get INSIDE the art on built in poses, dances and animations to become one with the art. Some of the works have extensions like stray lights, docks, etc., that even come out from the picture too. So fun! After I posed in all the art I even got my petite fairy on for more fun in the art. The poses work for full size avatars and petites. To top it off the works are for sale too and really relatively inexpensive. They run about $500L to $900L each.
Inside Art Gallery
Inside Art Gallery
(Ginger Lorakeet, artist and owner)

(Roiben and I checking it all out)

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  1. That's really awesome! Really clever, I love it! :D