Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twomoons Island -Alien Abduction Trailer Park-Unique Shopping and Recreation

Visit here: or direct link here: TwomoonsHere.
Twomoons Island
I slipped into SL for a few moments this morning to find Twomoons is being made over into this new awesome alien abduction trailer park area with fun unique shopping and recreation. I tp'd from the car to the spaceship for a great view of the area and I have to say Twomoons always impresses me. I guess this is still under construction, but still WOW! I checked MiaSnow's blog for more info and it says there are a few rentals still available too. Look here: or direct link here MiaSnowBlogHere.
Some of the shopping there so far besides MiaSnow includes gilded, Rue, India Ink, Theoetical Afterthough, ni.ju, Grollwerk, Lolapop, JASstore, & La Malvada Mujer. I noticed many of the other trailers are rented too I'm sure with more stores to come.
(If you look very close you can find me in both of these pics) Have fun in SL today!

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