Friday, February 3, 2012

Late Night Chocolate Fix at Konditrei Frozen Night

Visit here: or direct link here: FrozenNightHere.
Tonight I stopped in at Frozen Night, a little corner of chocolate heaven by Toya Watanabe. The whole place looks like it's made up of chocolate and candies. The first shop I stopped in had a couple of adorable dollarbees including large chocolate figure props than when sat on poofed Valentines hearts and a sweet cushion with pose. There are some fun things in the shop and I bought a cute little dress that actually hands out mouth candy to those who dare touch the candies tucked away in the bosom. I moved on to enjoy some adorable pose balls and spots around the area and walked through chocolate into other buildings to pose and play including riding a candy train through a sort of Valentines tunnel of chocolate love. There are free chocolate mouth candies to be found if you are clicker like me and I found the whole experience to be quite fun. Check it out if you like chocolate or have a fun date for Valentines.

I was about to leave the sim when I glanced around and saw a break in the ice in a section of the sim next to the chocolate area so I explored into the ice break and found a whole store of totally fun stuff for sale by this same maker under water/ice. Then I had to start camming the whole place and it's awesome, filled with a vareity of unique shops of fun things from landscaping to clothes to more valentines items such as chocolate trees that hand out candy. Plus there's a ton more things to play on, bike around the square, ride the penguine swing go round, and pose spots like the seat next to the mama and baby bear in the waterfall that I sat in for a while. Then I won some gestures in a game and some musical animations on the lucky board atop a small floating rock structure. A great place to visit.

I went for the chocolate and found so much more!

Yes that's me in the cup. ; )

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