Monday, May 14, 2012

THORANUA Clothing -Great New Mesh

Visit SL Marketplace here: or direct link hee: THORANUAhere.

Anua Final
(Anua Difazzio, designer)

Today my friend Belinda Barnes introduced me to her friend Anua who is a designer of many things including this great mesh skirt Bel loves to wear and showed me today.  Anua sells her mesh clothes at THORANUA Clothing on the marketplace, but is looking for a new perfect inworld location for her clothing line. The short skirts fall just right and are a great length in a wide variety of colors.  Anua was wearing a pretty shirt she made today along with one of Bel's favorite skirts so I took a snap and told her I'd blog it as it really does look great.  Bel said she has this particular skirt in almost all the colors and I can see why as it really does hang beautifully.   She is multi talented and makes many other things so keep an eye on this one. 


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