Saturday, July 23, 2011

LEA Avatar Games

Bryn Oh's brainchild... LEA Avatar Games art obstacle course race. As color commentator Crap Mairner said, Filthy's time was about..."5 years, 15 days, 44 hours, & 13 seconds & 5 minutes & a fortnight & a nanosecond & 14 parsecs." Honour, the other color commentator, said Filthy had such good upper body strength it was a shame he wasn't putting it to good use, but then she seemed a bit disturbed by his Speedo. He did seem to enjoy the cesspool, pulled off some beautiful triple salchows and with one hand forward tiptoed beautifully through some of the course,... eventually....before disappearing. I about peed my pants watching and listening and shooting and having fun. Check it out some Monday.

(Note: Don't let this scare you off from competing, as the commentators are usually VERY nice and encouraging to runners and the course is not this difficult, interesting to maneuver yes, but Filthy was a special case for sure. Sign up and give it a try. I did it, and had a blast!)

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  1. Great job! I hope to see you compete again soon :)