Saturday, July 9, 2011


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Talk about versatility.. My friend Josie Anderton seems to do it all. Anyone who knows me knows I love the variety in SL and I think my blog reflects that. Well today I learned Josie has yet another talent to add to her repertoire. We all know Josie for her friendly, sweet and humorous personality and her great voice when she sings live around the grid, but she also blogs, is an amazing photographer and makes machinima. Today I noticed she has opened a shop with clothes she makes. I rode in on my balloon pony that I just got at the Community thrift event, and chatted with Josie about this her latest venture and took a couple of quick snaps of her at her shop for this blog post. She said she is making clothes for her store but may add a few other types of things soon. In the past I commented on some super cute jeans she was wearing and being the person Josie is, she immediately gave me a copy telling me then that she made them herself. I should have anticipated she would be making more clothes soon. Check out her store when you get a chance.. and don't forget to pop into her shows from time to time.

Josie Josie
Josie Clothes Josie sent me this tank with my "It's A Trap" (my group titler) on the front and my name on the back and these are also some of the jeans she makes. Very cute stuff... Thanks Josie!

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