Saturday, July 23, 2011



An awesome new store, Derezzed, is opening July 30th but there is already a smaller shop currently open inworld and Derezzed products are available for sale on the marketplace now. This new place is "Out of this World" made up in "Portal" style and containing great sci fi/cyber, and similar style avatar shapes, costumes (armour), collars, and gestures, with female cyber shoes coming soon., etc by a young designer Aeonflux Nexen. Suggested lighting in the store is midnight, but really looks great with all lights. Aeon is very talented and put together this Portal style store herself too. Be sure to turn on your media as there are some screens showing Portal. The shop alone is a fun place to play or pose for photos and is fitting for her style. Aeon has a great blog and takes fantastic pictures as well. She keeps her prices unbelievably low too, so invite your friends. I anticipate this young designer will do very well with all her SL endeavors.
Derezzed or direct link here: DerezzedHere


Aeon's blog here: or direct link here: AeonblogHere.

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