Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Very Fun Dress-"Minnie" by Fellini Couture

I've said before I don't really blog fashion much... but here I go again. I found something cute.

I couldn't resist this adorable "Minnie" dress by Fellini Couture that has working TV's running old Mickey Mouse cartoons. Love it! : )

Dress: Fellini Couture "Minnie": firect link here: FelliniCoutureHere.

Hair: Zero Style "Bice": or direct link here: ZeroStyleHere.

Location: Sarah's Magic Kingdom, Disney Museum and more sim here: or direct link here: DisneyHere.

Shoes: Pixel Mode, "Baby T's" or direct link here: PixelModeBabyT'sHere.

Minnie Minnie

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