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July 29-31 Academies Royal de Musique and Peinture 2nd Annual Music and Arts Festival

Music and Arts Festival

Visit here: MusicandArtsFestivalHere.

My good buddy Patrick Thorkveld handed me this press release for an upcoming event that promises to be very entertaining. I can't wait to check it out and ran over last night to grab the SLurl for this blog. The place is beautiful and I'll have to get some good photos later, but am saving the info. here now for me and to share with readers. The press release is written in such a cute and fitting manner that I have just quoted it here... check it out:

"Academies Royal de Musique and Peinture Presents the 2nd Annual Music and Arts Festival July 29-31


The Duche de Coeur’s Academies Royale de Musique and Peinture are proud to present the Music and Arts Festival for the second year. The Music and Arts Festival is jammed pack with Second Life’s most amazing musicians and artists. This year’s musical itinerary opens Friday, July 29th at 1PM with Sheela Nagy’s LabGraal Celtic Group (performing at (Isla Pequena per noted SLurl above) and will include some of the Musique Academie’s regular performers like Lady Champagne Rain, Waltkeys Faith, Miles Eleventhauer, Lady SaraMarie Philly, Lady Yuki Hutchinson, Tip Corbett, Lady Miriam Forsythe, Trowser Boa and many, many more. The Academie welcomes many new artists such as Tukso Okey, Noma Falta, and Nadine Morani, to name just a few. Over 20 artists will be performing throughout the festival! For more information and full schedule, contact Director Baharat Atlas or Lady SkyeRyder Varriale or Bedrich Panacek.

The Academie’s upcoming season will feature breathe taking theatrical productions. During the festival, Lady Maria (Pet) Karu will perform liturgical dance with her incredibly talented dance troupe. This performance is but a small sample of shows yet to come during the full season.

The Academie Royale de Peinture will host the grand opening of the Duche de Coeur’s Art Gallery which will feature many of Second Life’s most talented artists such as Masako and Lady Fae Varriale. Contact Director Pekel Panacek or Lady SkyeRyder Varriale or Bedrich Panacek.

The Music and Arts Festival is in appreciation for the continued support of our audience. It also provides an opportunity to showcase new talent who will perform during our next season starting in September. The Academies Royale de Music and Peinture are dedicated in their mission to supporting and showcasing fine music and art in Second Life.

The Music and Arts Festival is a true crowd pleaser with so many talented musicians, artists, dancers and bands. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting event – mark your calendars for July 29-31, bring your friends and come along for what is sure to be Second Life’s most popular event of the year!

Duché de Coeur is a ficticious name for the area of western France, that is made up of the real life names Provence, Languedoc, Aquitaine, and Poitou, and further to the north, Normandie and Touraine, and to the far east, Franca Contea. It is an accurate depiction of a world of friendship and romance as it might have been around the Age of Enlightenment. We prefer to think of this as a real life environment with real people, but 225 years ago in an idealistic world where all classes live together in harmony. For more information about the sim, contact Bedrich Panacek or SkyeRyder Varriale.

Duche de Coeur's 2nd Annual Arts and Music Festival - July 29 - 31 - Press Release"

Friday 29 July
1:00 PM LabGraal - Sheela Nagy
2:00 PM Ceci Dover - Art Gallery Grand Opening
3:00 PM Joozz Magic
4:00 PM Tip Corbet
5:00 PM Tukso Okey
6:00 PM Noma Falta
Saturday, 30 July
10:00 AM WaltKeys Faith
11:00 AM Heath Elvehjem
12:00 PM Russell Eponym
1:00 PM Ichie Kamachi
2:00 PM Seba Sideways
3:00 PM Christopher135 Quan
4:00 PM (no performance scheduled)
5:00 PM SaraMarie Philly
6:00 PM Adevina Citron
7:00 PM Miles Eleventhauer
8:00 PM Pmann Sands
9:00 PM Criss Fredriksson (Covers)
10:00 PM Yuki Hutchinson
Sunday, 31 July
7:00 AM Miriam Forsythe
8:00 AM Gabryel Nyoki
9:00 AM Isabella Rumsford
10:00 AM (no performance scheduled)
11:00 AM Beth Odets
12:00 PM Unity Productions/Pet Karu
1:00 PM Nadine Morani
2:00 PM Champagne Rain

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