Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,
I was roaming around the net today and found a few quotes that seem to kind of sum up things lately. I used to always think I was very much a "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" type person. For me a certain amount of that is true, but more than a few days of absence is frustrating and disappointing and so the absence should not be very long to work for me. But lately I'm finding that for others this saying is much more true; "Absence makes the heart go wander".
frog again

On another note I've found my pond of frogs out back is getting way too full and it seems it's time to let them all go. Maybe I just need to up and move leaving them all behind and to deal with their own messes. It's not that I need a LOT of frogs, just the right one would do. There is another quote, "If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it's yours, if it doesn't it never was." Sadly, I'm quite sure my frogs would never miss me a bit. They don't even visit any more unless I skip myself down to the water's edge and beg them to play. I usually even bring along the ball. Perhaps they sense I have high expectations from that kiss I one day hope to sneak and rather like their current existence of hopping freely around the pond and forest with no cares or obligations. Or maybe I'm too slow in trying to get that kiss and thus never find that one special frog for me. After all I don't think it's appropriate to sneak or force a kiss really, isn't it supposed to come naturally? Or, maybe they just worry they can't live up to the storybook ending so won't even give it a try.

So Dear Diary, when are you going to answer back? I have too many mixed messages to really know how to behave anymore. I do even go out in search of finding new frogs once in a while, but seems when I bring them home they quickly tire of playing ball and tend to like the other frogs better than me. Perhaps that says something about me I'd rather not think more about. Once in a while the frogs come up to play, but seem more interested in the ball than me. We are getting to know each other somewhat, but all in are are still mostly strangers in the yard. Do I continue to give the frogs a pond and visit regularly in hopes of one day having someone to play more than just ball with, perhaps a game of croquet or badmitton, or do I move into a new neighborhood free of any cute frogs and learn to live with the normal snakes in the grass for companions? I guess since you are not helping I'll just go find my fairy forest where all is well at least temporarily. But, Dear Diary, keep it in mind, as I'm sure I'll get back with you on this. KT

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