Thursday, July 14, 2011

Explore Second Life

Here we go again. There are a lot of new or remodeled and amazing sims around so here are a few I've visited recently.

The Looking Glass, Horizon Dream The Looking Glass Sim: The Looking Glass, Horizon Dream. This is an impressive sim that has been here for a while, but new things are often found from a fairy circle in a beautiful glowing garden to tunnels that house crystals and caverns under the city and so much more. Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee Visit here: direct link here: TheLookingGlassHere.
Ice Gallery by Rebeca BashleyUTSA Art Space Sim: UTSA Art Space ice sculpture exhibit by Rebeca Bashly. There is a direct tp to Snowcrash from here which is also worth a nice long explore. Visit here: or direct link here: UTSAIceHere.
MetaLAS Sim: MetaLAS, "Papermakis" by Romy Nayar,Sit on the chair by the giant newsprint girl to get inside her dress where one holding a box will give you the free avatar and instruction to further the journey. : ) Be sure to click everything. Don't miss the sound area way up in the sky. Visit here: or direct link here: MetaLASHere.
The Realm of Mystara Sim: The Realm of Mystara. This is a large impressive fantasy role play sim that includes beautiful areas perfect for mermaids, fairys, and all natural types, plus underground caverns and tunnels filled with ornately decorated rooms, bars, and locked areas for stranger darker beasts. Check it out here: or direct link here: RealmofMystaraHere.
Alice Madness Returns Alice Madness Returns Sim: Alice Madness Returns. This is a cute sim with some "darker" Alice in Wonderland areas and shopping for adult rated products. Very scenic for photos though too. Visit here: direct link here: AliceHere.

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