Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair it is!!! The Latest in Hair Trends... Roots.


Ok, I can honestly say I've never dyed my hair in RL and even in SL I stick primarily to dark hair like I have in RL, but occasionally switch up for fun. Having said that I could not resist the new hair out at Analog Dog that has roots! I did buy the new release "level" hair in the light blondes pack because honestly it's an overall good hair with nice length, flexi, several blond colors and THEN the roots. With a touch you can have no roots or roots in one of 16 color options. I am not sure why this appeals to me, as generally I think most ppl try to hide their growing-in roots in RL, but after all I hear the latest RL trend is also to let the roots show in color, so it's happening in SL now too. While I was there I also picked up their new "tavern" hair that has a lower longer length additional attachment option and I think is pretty cute too. Each pack is 275L. If you want to check these out here is the link: direct link here: ADHairHere.

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